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In order to stand as a candidate, you must be supported by a Proposer and Seconder. Please add their name and contact details below. When you submit your nomination, they will then be contacted to ask them to support your application. Please leave sufficient time for your Proposer and Seconder to confirm their support of your application.

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What motivates you to become a Trustee?

Are there any areas of the Trustee Board’s responsibilities that particularly interest you?

How do you meet the requirements of the Trustee role, what specific contribution can you bring to the board?

Please refer to the Trustee role description and personal specification and provide examples of your skills, competencies and experience.


Personal Statement

Please tell us a bit more about you. This could include details of your experience in Scouting, or other Third Sector trustee experience if appropriate – relevant to job specification.


Candidate Declaration

  • I am a member or associate member of The Scout Association
  • I am aged 18 years or more
  • Today, I was 23 years or less old (applicable only to those who are nominating themselves as an elected youth member)
  • I agree to stand for election as an elected member. My personal details and statement are enclosed.
  • I am willing to act as charity trustee and I am fully aware of the Scouts objectives
  • I am not disqualified or barred from acting as a charity trustee of any charity
I confirm you agree with your data being processed as detailed above, and you have the agreement from your nominator proposer and seconder to provide their data to us.

I confirm I have read and agree to abide by the Trustee Election Guidelines.

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