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Supporting Leaders who Manage

Being an effective leader and manager in Scouting is an important and rewarding role.

The Resource links on the right give you easy access to resources to help you with all aspects of your vital role.

We support leaders to recruit more adults and to facilitate Scouting within their groups. Please contact us for further information and help.

Importance of Executives and Trustees

One reason why Winchester Scouts are  so successful is down to the  size and  quality of our executive teams and their sub-committees. Supported by the District Executive committee, who are our trustees, and the provision of all the vital infrastructure, funding and administration, our uniformed leaders are free to focus on our young people, adventurous programme and parents. This is so important.

When we have happy teams that combine both effective uniformed leaders and strong and focussed executives we deliver outstanding Scouting to larger numbers of young people in Winchester.

The key to enjoying your time as an Executive member is to fully understand your role and the tasks involved - individually and collectively as set out below.

To provide you with all you need we've assembled some resources linked in the "Group & District Scout Roles" panel at the bottom/right of this page.

Safety & Risk Assessment Tools

Risk assessment is at the heart of safe Scouting and is present in everything that we do. Resources are provided to help provide simple and practical guidance on this issue.

The short video clip outlines the risk assessment process. This includes completing, communicating, acting upon and reviewing a risk assessment.

You can find some useful resources in the Safety, Safeguarding & Risk Assessment links panel to the right of this page.


Activities are an integral part of Scouting, and what makes it so exciting for the young people involved. From here you should be able to find all the information you need to provide all the activities your young people can manage.

Our advisors are on-hand to assist with specialist activities.

Advisor Team
NameRole Description 
Richard Tate Archery & Shooting Adviser
Robin Cook Canoeing & Rafting Adviser
Richard Mendelsohn DofE
Rob James Hillwalking Adviser

Activity Information Links

The links below are a useful reference point to find out all you need to know about an activity. Find activity ideas, guidance and details of how you can provide each activity.

For each activity details are included such as:

  • a checklist for running the activity yourself
  • a checklist for using external providers to run the activity
  • details of what the activity involves
  • links to any guidelines or rules regarding the activity

Simply click on an icon to view the information.

Target shooting is an activity where participants shoot with air rifles on an outdoor range length of 6 to 10 Mtrs,
Air Rifle Shooting
Archery is an activity where participants shoot arrows at targets using bows
Crate stacking is an activity where participants work as a team stack and climb on top of crates to balance and get further from the ground, safely held by climbing harness and rope.
Crate Stacking
An instructor led activity where fires will  be lit using different fire lighting techniques
Fire Lighting
Build your own structure from the ploes and ropes that we have onsite
Tomahawk throwing is an activity where participants throw specially designed throwing tomahawks and small hawks at a target
Tomahawk Throwing

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