Pinsent Campsite Activities

We provide a variety of activities at Pinsent, all led by our qualified instructors.


Before making a booking please read all of the following information carefully.  


IMPORTANT: A warranted Leader, with a First Aid qualification, from your group must be present at all times on all Activity sessions to be responsible for the pastoral care of participants.

All our activity sessions end on time.  To avoid disappointment, please ensure everyone has arrived and is ready to start the activity on time.  

  • Evening activities are only available from 1st April to 31st August.
  • Activities must be booked 5 weeks or more in advance of the required date.
  • Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn for all activities.
  • For activities during the weekend please contact the activities team,  click on icons below.


We have been looking at ways to reducing the impact of traffic to and from the site. To this end we have limited the number of evening sessions to only four. This includes both Campsite and Activities bookings.  Session times will now be fixed and it will not be possible to set your own times. This is to spread the arrival and departure times.  The trafic impact is when a large number of cars are arriving and departing the site in a short space of time. With the lack of passing places along the lane it soon becomes jammed with cars, leading to frustration to everyone and annoyance to our neighbours.

You can help us by organising transport to reduce the number of cars used by your Section. We have a target of a maximum of 12 cars to transport all of your Section to and from the site.  Meeting this target would make an amazing difference.

Thank you for your help.

To find out details about the Activities, costs and booking, click on the individual Activity icons below.

Air Rifle Shooting Air Rifle Shooting
This is an activity where participants will learn how to load and shoot an air rifle safely on our outdoor range over a distance of 6 to 10 Mtrs
Archery Archery
Participants will be taught how to shoot an arrow using a bow safely at a static target. The outdoor range allows shooting over a distance of 6 to 10 Mtrs
Crate Stacking Crate Stacking
This activity requires balance and nerve to climb a stack of crates. For Scouts and Explorers it also requires team work to get higher than the other team
Pioneering Pioneering
Build your own structure using our poles and ropes. This is a self-led activity, we do not provide instructors
Tomahawk Throwing Tomahawk Throwing
Participants throw specially designed throwing tomahawks and small hawks at wooden targets

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