Pinsent Facilities

Facilities available at Pinsent

Pinsent is a very special campsite where young people can experience a wide range of outdoor activities in a secure environment. There are five main camping areas within the campsite boundary as well as Assembly and Activity areas. See descriptions of all camping areas below which can be cross referenced with the Site Map.


This site is a good size for a Cub Pack or Beaver Colony, up to 30 people, who do not require a number of fire pits. There is one main fire pit which can be used as a central area for cooking or gathering around. A wooded area at one end where you can shelter from the sun, which always shines at Pinsent. A water supply is available on this site.

The Chapel Site has been refurbished recently and is now large enough for up to 35 people with three firepits. The site has its own water tap.

The Northern Site is one of the larger camping areas with plenty of space for at least 35 people. There are three fire areas and a water tap. It is the furthest site from the facilities but a lovely peaceful spot. There is a direct access from the site to one of the Bivi areas, which can be booked to give a versatile area.

The Oaks Site is a our newest site which is more compact but still plenty of space for up to 25 people with two fire pits. The site also has its own water tap.

The Water Tap site is the largest of our camping areas with four fire areas and an adjacent water tap and can easily accomodate 40 people. There is also a direct entrance to one of the Bivi area so they can be booked together giving scope for a large camp which includes both tented and bivi camping.

There are two separate Bivi areas set in woods, mainly hazel with some larger trees. They can be booked separately or in combination with either the Water Tap site or the Northern site. This provides a great opportunity for some back-to-basics camping while the Leaders have a nice area to pitch their tents. Gound fires are permitted in the Bivi areas.


For those who have used Pinsent before the Covid outbreak, you will remember our old concrete toilet block. That is no more. There are plans to build a state-of-the-art building, but this is still in the pipeline so we have installed interim facilities to see us through. There are separate areas for boys and girls with individual cubicles for male and femail leaders, all with wash basins. Also provided is an Accessible Unit which has wash/shower/toilet facilities. The shower is also available for the use of all adults.

The Campfire Circle is a recently added feature to the Site. It is large enough to hold an event for a whole District Camp. The amphitheater style means that everyone can get a good view of the fire and any activity in the centre. The area should only be approached via the front entrance as the outside of the circle can become very slippery when wet.

The large Assembly Area, with its large flag pole, is perfect for ceremonies and congregating. Although no camping is permitted, it can be used for headquarter or catering tentage for larger camps or gatherings. It is also one of the areas on site which can be used for activities.


The Campste Activity Area is situated beyond the Campfire Circle and is an large space which contains a number of mature Oak trees. Camping is not permitted in this area but it is a lovely sheltered spot on those hot summer days for all manner of activities.

The Roundhouse is a wonderful addition to the campsite and is available for general use but also it can also be hired by the day for groups that are camping. There are fixings for eight hammocks. See the history of the Roundhouse.

The Car Park has recently been enlarged which, with sensible parking, will hold up to 60 cars. A second entrance has also been added which allows for a one-way system for larger gatherings. A drop-off zone means that it is possible to manage the through traffic while keeping the young people safe.


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