Being a Squirrel

Who are Squirrels?

Squirrels are the youngest members of the Scout family made up of girls and boys aged
4 to 6. Easily recognised by their red tops, they think big, try new things and have fun.

What do Squirrels get up to?

A Squirrel's time in the drey is packed full of fun, games, and activities as they hop,
skip and jump their way through anything they do. No two weeks are the same:
exploring the great outdoors, learning new things, and even helping others in their
own way.
We think these early years are amazing for later life: minds are fizzing and energy
levels are sky-high. They're experts at dreaming big while looking for anything that
fills their life with wow and wonders.

Who leads Squirrel Scouts?

Each Squirrel Drey is made up of young people aged 4–6, led by an adult leadership team. Other adult volunteers are on hand to supervise activities, share their skills and keep everyone safe. 

The bigger Scout family

There are Scouts all over the world. From the rainy rainforests of the Amazon to the smallest of the Scottish Isles, Squirrel Scouts are a part of this worldwide Scout family. Closer to home, they’re also part of their wider local Scout Group, alongside Beavers (aged 6–8), Cubs (aged 8–10 1/2), and Scouts (aged 10 1/2–14). When they’re older, they can also join Explorers (for young people aged 14–18) and Scout Network (for young people aged 18–25). Although both of these are closely associated with the younger sections, they’re not part of the local Scout Group.

How to join

You can see which of our Groups are opening Squirrel Dreys by clicking on Our Dreys on the right hand side of the Squirrels home page.
Squirrels only happens thanks to our volunteers who sing the songs, tell the stories, and lead the way. If you would be interested in finding out more about volunteering with Squirrels, we would love to hear from you.

How much does it cost?

There is a basic fee covering the cost of the hire and upkeep of the Beaver meeting place. Trips, camps and activities that take place away from the usual meeting place are usually charged separately.

Squirrel Scouts is designed to be an accessible and affordable way for young people to learn lots of new skills through a single membership. Nobody should feel excluded from Squirrel Scouts activities because of money worries. If they’re concerned about costs, adults should speak to their local leader in confidence to see what they can do to help. In most cases, support’s available to make sure nobody misses out.

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