In the Scout Movement, pioneering is the art of using ropes and wooden spars joined by lashings and knots to create a structure. Pioneering can be used for constructing small items such as camp gadgets up to larger structures such as bridges and towers. These may be recreational, decorative, or functional.

Pioneering is used to teach practical skills, teamwork and problem solving. Scout groups train their members in pioneering skills and construct projects, both small and large. In camp, Scouts may construct functional items like tables, camp dressers and gadgets, as well as decorative camp gateways.

The name comes from the 18th and 19th century military engineers who went ahead of an army to "pioneer" a route, which could involve building bridges and towers with rope and timber (for example the Royal Pioneer Corps).

Pioneering skills include knot tying (tying ropes together), lashing (tying spars together with rope), whipping (binding the end of a rope with thin twine), splicing (joining or binding the end of a rope using its own fibres), and skills related to the use, care and storage of ropes, spars and related pioneering equipment.*

Pioneering kit available for hire includes:

  • A selection of 2.40m and 4.80m long pioneering poles.
  • Pulleys for Block & Tackle comprising 2 x 5" single; 2 x 5" Double; 2 x 5" Triple blocks.
  • 2 sets of blocks and tackle are made up using 18mm rope.
  • 18mm dia rope – 2 x 10m; 2 x 25m; 2 x 30m lengths.
  • 28mm Polypropylene rope – 2 x 70m lengths.
  • 10mm lashing ropes – approx. 25 x 6.0m and 30 x 8.0m lengths.

The kit is stored in purpose made boxes.

There is also a PIONEERING GUIDE – which has full information on:

Please note that Ariel Runways are permitted at Pinsent Campsite with a qualified instructor as per current Ariel Runway Code. Pinsent does not have a suitable Travelling Block.

Pioneering Costs

Pioneering equipment hire (no instructors):
Per Session hire: £30.00

Booking Pioneering

To Hire the Pioneering equipment it will be necessary to include it within a booking for Camping or a Session, either evening or day-time.

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