Tomahawk Throwing


This activity is not available to Beavers or Cubs.


Our KATTA (Knife, Axe, Tomahawk Throwing Association) qualified instructors provide target throwing in an 'enclosed' high fence area at Pinsent. The range operates with 4 throwing points / targets.
We maintain mini hawks and tomahawks suitable for Scouts, Explorers and adults.

A warranted Leader from your group, with a First Aid qualification, must be present at all Activity sessions to be responsible for the pastoral care of participants.

We only allow 12 participants at a time within the range, it is important for leaders to organise a Background Activity to occupy those waiting to have a go. This is not something that the Pinsent Activity Team provide.

The word 'Tomahawk' originated from the Algonquin word 'Tamahak' meaning striking weapon.

This is a very popular activity for Boy Scouts of America, where they sit around the campfire, tell stories of Native American tomahawk throwing competitions or about mountain men who survived because of their ability to accurately throw one of these weapons.

It is entirely possible that other axes were thrown as weapons, possibly in desperation, though, as a relatively valuable, tool/weapon tomahawks were designed in the main to be used in the hand as a striking weapon.
The tomahawk of the Native North American could be thrown but was designed as a general purpose 'tool'. From the 17th century iron/steel tomahawks were produced for trade purposes by colonial immigrants to the US.

Throwing the hawk is a unique sport that requires discipline, control, and accuracy and can be one of the most memorable activities for leaders and Scouts.

Please ensure everyone arrives by your session start time as we always finish on time.
There are up to 3 evening sessions per weekday. Starting with 1 at the beginning of April, increasing as the evenings get lighter.

Dates   Session times   Max Participants   Winchester District   Other Districts
and Groups
1st April to 30 Oct   10:00 - 17:00 variable   16 per hour   £44.00 per hour   £60.00 per hour
1st April to 31 Aug   18:00 - 19:30 fixed     24   £66.00   £90.00
18th April to 31 Aug   18:30 - 20:00 fixed     24   £66.00   £90.00
1st May to 31 Aug   19:00 - 20:30 fixed     24   £66.00   £90.00
23rd May to 31 Aug   19:00 - 21:00 fixed     30   £88.00   £120.00
1st April to 30 Oct   Own Instructor   Own equipment   £10.00 per hour   £10.00 per hour

Booking 2 activities for the same time slot.
You will need to book one of the sessions via OSM and then send an email to the Pinsent Activities Team with details of the other session. Unfortunatly the system will not allow you to book 2 activities with the same time slot.

Any Questions

Please contact the Pinsent Activities Team

Booking Tomahawk Throwing must be made via OSM

Click on the link below and use the button "Book online today". This will give you the option to log in to your account, if you have used the system before, or create an account. To see what dates are available you must select your Organisation Type from the drop down menu. Only items that are White are available to book.
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